We are currently looking for people willing to use their loft conversion project as a case study, if you would us to feature your home in this part of our website then please get in touch.

The Design Phase

Getting the right design for your loft conversion is a very personal thing, it has to be just right, just the way you want it to be – after all this is YOUR home.

We work with you and our designers to architect the exact look and feel that suits the purpose of the loft conversion.

Get To Work

Once we begin work that’s when your dreams turn into a reality. Within 8 weeks you will have a fantastic looking new loft converted into a bedroom, office or other living dream living space.

We are looking for people within the Wigan area (although anywhere is fine) who will allow us to take pictures of the whole process step by step and feature your conversion as a project.

Although our work has been carried out for a long time, doing a web based case study is something new to us, so please don’t be put off by the lack of current lack of loft conversion case studies being shown, that will all change with your input!